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Iara Martinez

Iara učí lekce jin a jang jogy a probíhají pouze v anglickém jazyce. 

Yoga as a path of transformation.

With a long career as a dancer and a teacher of movement. I have been exploring the body as a way of expression, this path led me to understand the connection between body and mind, and emotions and experiences that are held with in the body. From contemporary dance to body mind techniques like Rolfing and Yoga. From my passion about movement to the new challenge of sitting still for meditation. From Vipassana to Zen Buddhism. I have been moving in different countries, to study (London, Berlin) to perform (Montpellier, Buenos Aires, Paris) to teach (London, Bolivia, Ecuador, PRAGUE) to experience, to learn.

The experience of two pregnancies and giving birth at home has opened a new area of interest, the healing of traumas, the necessity of a practice that will balance the nervous system and bring peace and acceptance.

I am now living and teaching Yoga in Prague, drop-in classes, workshops and I also have private groups


Balancing Yin and Yang

'We will have 90 min to feel the body getting quiet, the breath becoming audible to our self. 
It is the beginning of the practice, from there we go deeper. Challenging the body, or the mind. 
Releasing holded tension, strengthening where we are weak.
Time for mindful movement and mindful relaxation.

Yin Yoga for Happy Life

If you are dealing with stress,
if you feel separated from your body and wish to reconnect,
if you love meditation (or want to know more about it)
if you already know Yin yoga and are looking for a place to practice.
if your life have too much Yang,
if you feel your body tight,
if you want to dive deep within yourself.
Yin Yoga have SO many benefits, it just feels great to practice YIN ♥
Drop-in classes.
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